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Meet Vinnie

Vinnie was surrendered into our care for rehoming due to behavioural issues.

We've reached the decision that Vinnie will need to find a new home with someone who has breed experience and who will be firm but kind in his ongoing training.

Vinnie is currently in foster care looking for his forever home.

Age: 2 yrs

Likes: Being the centre of attention, home comforts, fun activities and exercise

Dislikes: Sharing his human with other dogs

Allergies: None known

We've reached the decision that Vinnie will need to find a new home with someone who has breed experience and who will be firm but kind in his ongoing training. He needs consistent clear boundaries.

Vinnie has developed a bad habit of jumping and snapping when over excited or frustrated. He's high arousal is proving problematic around other dogs and children so we now need to find a pet free home with no resident or visiting children.

We need an adult only household with someone willing to persevere with his adolescent and unacceptable behaviour while he goes through training, which we can provide with the help of a professional trainer if required.

The nipping/snapping is not aggressive behaviour but it is unacceptable, we must make sure that whoever takes Vinnie completely understands the severity of this behaviour if not checked and allowed to escalate.

I must stress the importance of the behaviour! Having a large boisterous strong male dobermann with little to no bite inhibition who is jumping up and grabbing at your arms/body will not be something that an unexperienced owner will be able to cope with. We must ensure the safety of our fosterers/adopters as well as Vinnie.

Please get in touch if you can offer a safe and secure home environment for Vinnie while we implement a training regime to rectify his behaviour.

Vinnie has had two separate foster homes while in our care and sadly was returned for his 'aggressive' behaviour. This is very difficult for us to understand as we've never experienced any kind of aggression from him while he's been in kennels.

While in kennels one of our awesome volunteers was hands on to take him out for walks and training exercises and reports not reactive behaviour or aggression, but we know that this behaviour starts to show itself after a couple of weeks in his new foster homes.

He's back in foster where he will need to stay for some time so we can get a clear picture of his behaviour and needs must be met before advertising him for rehoming.


Vinnie is ready for his forever home and his amazing fosterer has written the following information to help him find his forever home.

** He is improving with his behaviours but firm and consistent boundaries are essential.
Vinnie is a very lively and athletic young dog. At first he is quiet, shy and withdrawn but don’t be fooled. He takes some time to get to know you but he loves a cuddle and bottom stroke. He loves laying close to you and being with you.

Likes games of tug of war and fetching a ball if you can get it off him but offer him another and he drops it.

He loves being under blankets and snuggling down to sleep.

He is an occasional digger trying to find the local wildlife.

Vinnie likes to know he can get to you, we leave the back door open so he is free to find us when he needs to. He loves sunbathing.

He likes to see you and know where you are if you’re not in direct contact.

Vinnie is obsessed with moving reflections and shadows, we call them his tinkerbells! He stands and wags his tail with a very short movement and sometimes snaps at them as he try’s to grab them or scratching at them with his paws.

Vinnie doesn’t always get on with other dogs, the majority of the time he reacts and is unpredictable so needs to be on a lead. He is also not keen on horses but he is improving.

He pulls on the lead and we have bought a figure of eight lead and collar which encourages him to walk without pulling.

He loves to play but becomes overexcited that can end up with nipping and this needs further training but he is improving.

Vinnie is very clever, he learns quickly and responds positively to treats. He can open doors and steals items from counter tops. These items can be food or face cream that he takes to a quite place to either eat or play with.

He likes his mouth jewellery, grabbing shoes or clothing to greet you, he doesn’t chew them but doesn’t want to give them back either.

When he is distressed he chews circular holes in any fabric or blankets that he can find. He puts a paw under the fabric and chews around it.

Loves plenty of toys to chew especially if he is left alone.

Vinnie doesn't like to be told ‘no’ and doesn’t always respond to it. He gives you the side eye. He barges past you to get what he wants but again this is improving.

We have found that as a greeting he mouths peoples hands. He puts his mouth around your hand but doesn’t bite you. With training this is changing to licking. However this behaviour is still apparent with people he feels dominant over ie children.

Vinnie is vigilant on what is nearby or going past the house. Doesn’t mind cars driving past but barks at cyclists or pedestrians. He also doesn’t like the postman.

Vinnie is a lovely, funny and cheeky dog who needs consistent boundaries from someone that will protect him to reduce his anxiety. He needs to look up to someone and once he feels safe he will give himself completely which is evidenced by him taking a long time for him to trust. **