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About Scottish Dobermann Rescue

About Scottish Dobermann Rescue

An Opening Statement

My name is Helen and I decided to start Scottish Dobermann Rescue as a non profit organisation dedicated to helping dobermanns in need. I’ve always had a huge admiration for the breed and feel very strongly about their welfare. I can only hope our efforts work in favour of their preservation and all round well being and reputation throughout the country.

With support for the breed lacking here in Scotland I think that an official Scotland based rescue is necessary to provide much needed backup for owners and enthusiasts. From the Highlands down to the Borders we aim to provide an understanding platform for any dogs in need. With rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming as our main goals this amazing breed will receive the backing it deserves.

I look forward to working alongside other people dedicated to this wonderful breed including the already established breed rescues and charities throughout the whole of the UK. Our goal is to lighten the load on other organisations by operating in Scotland.

Personally, the love I have for dobermanns as a breed began when I was just a child, I owe it all to the children’s film Oliver & Co. Ever since I first watched that cartoon I was obsessed with dobes. I collected all things dobermann related and to this day have a weird and wonderful collection of dobermann memorabilia. I have bought numerous books on the breed and read as much as I could about their origin and characteristics.

I worked for almost 10 years in a well run busy boarding kennels and through my years there we had a few amazing dobes who boarded with us when their owners were away and even though these dogs are known for being very people oriented and don’t particularly do very well shut away in kennels, the dogs I cared for made me respect the breed so much more. One dog in particular who I have very fond memories of was a stunning boy named Danny. Danny the dobermann lived with his owners in Peebles and I really do believe he helped concrete my passion for the breed. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that I was honoured with owning one of my very own.

Having an interest in dog shows I bought my first dobe, Morgan, as a puppy from a respectable breeder and she has been my rock through these past years. I never managed to show Morgan as much as i wanted, but I’ve learned so much through her and have gained so many amazing contacts through the breed. Last year I bred Morgan and kept one of her daughters, Lilith, to start a promising show career, through showing I have made many friends, all connected by our mutual love for the breed.

I have also been a member of the Scottish Dobermann Club since 2012 and just recently I was invited to join the committee. I’ve been a volunteer for many rescues over the years and have connections to the following breed rescues:

I’m experienced in carrying out home checks, assessments, transport runs and dealing with dogs from troubled circumstances. All valuable knowledge needed to succeed in running any rescue.

I am a veterinary trained and insured microchip implanter, obtaining my certification back in 2010. I also have canine and feline first aid training which was a must since i also run my own pet services business. I have been studying canine nutrition and hope to complete this course in the next coming year. Through my work in kennels I have a good understanding of animal behaviour, specifically reactive dogs and have numerous books dedicated to canine behaviour, psychology and am very interested in canine nutrition and health.

About my dogs

My own dogs are pets first and foremost, being naturally intelligent and instinctively energetic Morgan started training immediately and being the youngest in her class was awarded with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme certificates up to Silver level and has completed Gold training, she attends scentwork classes and has qualified at Level 1 & 2, going on to start Level 3 training this month. Morgan is also registered as a canine blood donor with Pet Blood Bank and has made two donations contributing to saving the lives of up to 8 dogs. Her daughter, Lilith attends the same training classes and has her Bronze award while we continue her training through to the next levels. Lilith has attended many shows in her first year and shows great promise, she has so much energy and always enjoys doing something that gets her brain & body moving. I hope to start scentwork with her next year where I’m sure she will follow in her mother’s paw prints. We also own a lovely natured Great Dane named Nero (her name means black in Italian). She is the beloved pet of my partner.

Picture of my dogs