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Meet Bruno

Due to a change in his owners circumstances, both financial and work commitment-wise, Bruno is searching for a new forever home.

Age: 5 yrs old

Other Dogs: Ok depending on the other dog

Cats: No

Children: Friendly but boisterous

Strangers: Friendly

Crate Trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Can Be Left Alone: Yes

Bruno is an imported Doberman. He is cropped and docked but his ear tips are floppy so can fold inwards on occasions.

He is very loving dog but is very anxious. He has been brought up around children since he was adopted. He is really affectionate towards children and adults but can get over exited at first meet.

Bruno is friendly and playful with other dogs but really dislikes cats , he has chased them on many occasions with no reaction to recall.

Bruno can pull during walks as he likes to be up front and hates dislikes being at heel but eases off after a wile. He was in dog training from a young age so I believe he will be able to rectify this with the correct training and routine. He is currently walked with a halti but dislikes them and will try to remove it at first. He has average recall and on occasions can ignore commands. Especially if there are distractions. He is very prey driven.

Bruno sleeps well through the night and is crate and toilet trained.

He is able to sit, lay down, give paw, speak, rollover on command and he can also play dead. He does enjoy learning new tricks and is very treat orientated.

He is currently on a shop brand dried food, previously he was fed a balanced raw diet. His coat and stool was a lot better on a raw diet.

Bruno will make a loving companion for the right person.