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Meet Max

previously known as Draxx, this lovely wee boy landed on all four paws when he found himself in foster with a view to adopt. He very quickly found himself a permanent fixture and is coming on leaps and bounds with his new family.

Age: 7 months

Other Dogs: Playful but boisterous

Cats: Not cat tested

Children: Ok

Strangers: Aloof, friendly

This poor boy was bought from a byb, sold on as a puppy from an unsuitable home into another where he hasn’t settled with the resident male dog. He was then taken on by someone with good intentions but unfortunately it wasn’t a good fit. Listed for sale on Gumtree we have managed to secure a space in our supporting kennels to get him safe.

He is now in our care and looking for his happy ever after. Three homes in seven months is a lot for any dog but as you can imagine, he’s reaching that age where previous training goes out the window so he’s going to need someone experienced, patient and dedicated to his future obedience and socialisation.

Draxx was bred from imported parents from high drive European working line dogs, this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing his new home. An active home with structure and boundaries is a must. He’s going to need a job to do, he won’t be a chill stay at home all day couch potato pet. He will need brain activities and daily training and games to keep him occupied.

Now named Max, and adopted into the perfect home who have brought out the best in him. He's still young and has a lot of learning to do but we're confident that he's in very good hands. And as with all the dogs we rehome, we'll provide advice and support for his lifetime

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