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Meet Medusa

Medusa is a cropped and docked Bulgarian import looking for a new forever home due to a change in her owners circumstances.

She is very high energy (like most European lines) and will need someone dedicated to training and working on her reactivity to other dogs.

She can be wary of strangers and will need careful introductions.

Age: DOB - 10/08/2018

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Children: Ok around her own but wary of unknown people

Strangers: Fine after careful introductions

She currently lives with her owner and her two daughters (aged 3 & 14)

Medusa's owner has provided us with the following information:

Originally imported from Serbia, she is legally cropped and docked.

She was diagnosed in Nov' 22 with hypothyroidism (low thyroid), and is currently on medication and medicated shampoo.

Medusa has a level of training but needs more. She has been dog reactive since having a bad experience as a puppy.

She is a very loving dog just needs the time she deserves to be spent with/on her.

Sadly, due to an unbalanced home dynamic she has became very protective over the owner and her daughters.
She can be friendly towards strangers if introduced properly but can take a wee while for her to calm down. She is also friendly towards children but again she has to calm down with a proper introduction. She is amazing with my kids but she is very boisterous at times so don't know if I would recommend she is homed with small kids. Mine are used to her and vice versa

She also seems to have an intolerance to chicken based foods, Medusa's owner has let us know that a lamb based food works with her stomach/coat etc

Homing Requirements

Looking for -

Medusa needs a breed experienced home where she can enjoy having a job to do.

No other pets

May consider older children depending on assessments.

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